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Writing a story

I am currently writing a story that has no title and i thought maybe somewhere out there in no where land would now i could title for it.

It is a about a dragon named Saritha¬†held in captivity she is the last of the dragons, her only friend is a rogue cat (which has no name yet…) one day the rogue cat, is caught by the cruel man who is holding Saritha in captivity. And who knows what will happen to that cat…


So got any title or names for the cat?

How to publish a post

Back to basics thought i might put some things up to help people who visit my blog.


Log in, example:

Username: Johndoe12

password: ajebgieoishio (being stupid here)

Go to Your Dashboard

look along the side under posts click add new, Make sure you include a title on your post, and for everones sake have more than a few words on your post, its a waste of time reading a post with THREE words, click publish and off yall go!

Sorry Folks!

Sorry i was on holidays and lost internet so not so many posts, im thinking of posting stories, pictures and maybe some youtube videos when i get internet back at home. So yeah sorry for not being here, sowwy!!!!!!!!! I may be able to use my phone for it now and then. So leave a comment for what you want to be posted I’ll do almost anything!

Glowing picture?

Random thing I did on gimp took forever to put on youtube because well I had wrong thing i just had to change it to jpg silly me!

Anyway that’s me (the girl) 99rabbit, and zac0017 (the boy)




I shall not be continuing nightwing for a while. I don’t know but I am starting a new story “Darkfang” A wolf story.

Moonstone: The Rise Of Nightwing Chapter 15

Chapter 15

No more controlling

In the morning when Nightwing awoke he saw the two dragons staring at him.

“What just happened?” Nightwing asked.

“You have been under a spell Nightwing” purple told the young dragon. “Here drink this it will make you feel better.”

Nightwing drank the potion very fast.

“Mmm tastes like cherry.” Nightwing said smiling.

Purple and spyro walked out of the room into a smaller room.

“Spyro that should make sure he does not get controlled by that powerful spell again.” Purple told spyro. “Take care of him, he is very special.”

“I will, trust me I will.” Spyro said.

They walked back to where they last saw Skyclaw, but they saw Stealthkill not Skyclaw…

Sorry it’s so short I don’t really feel like writing today.